Why We Exist

Lynchburg Virginia is a small city of about 80,000 and a big poverty rate of 22%. That is well above state and national averages, but the Lynchburg zip code in which Park View Community Mission is located suffers from an astounding poverty rate of 42%, the fourth highest of any in Virginia.

Some of our neighbors who find themselves in this situation are there because of crisis circumstances, such as the loss of a job or death of a spouse. It can happen to anyone, and can happen quickly. Others live in chronic or generational poverty, and have never been able to find another way of life, a way to find that "bridge" they need to break the cycle. That is why we do more than just meet the basic need for food. We empower and equip our neighbors with essential skills for living and employment, to help them see their worth and potential, and live the purposeful lives for which they were created.

Park View Community Mission is not a "rescue mission" in the traditional sense, but we are "on a mission" to help people in our community find a new path by offering help, healing, and hope.

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