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The Community Resource Center (CRC) provides neighbors with personal, one-on-one assistance with the critical issues of daily living. Whether in a time of crisis or just a moment of frustration, we can help navigate the complexities of available resources and local agencies.

Assistance is given and coordinated for situations like utility disconnection notices, locating childcare or employment, accessing healthcare or transportation, or finding housing, food, clothing, hygiene, and other basic necessities.

We can provide advice on how to better manage a person's resources and improve their personal circumstances. In addition, having a branch office of the Community Access Network in our building makes it convenient to address certain health issues as well.

We work in conjunction with Park View’s Life Skills Institute and Food for Families program to provide not only immediate assistance but also long-term education and stabilization to those facing the impacts of poverty.


Please call or email to speak with someone to set an appointment:

(434) 845-8468 ext. 700


The center is in the first office on the main level of Park View Community Mission.

Open Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm.


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