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Working together for the common good

How is Park View Community Mission actively involved in Lynchburg's Bridges to Progress Initiative? We participate in several of the nine task forces working on specific aspects of the city's anti-poverty program:


Early Childhood Care & Education


Faith Food

Health/Mental Health





Officials with the Initiative recently announced some major steps forward:

The Food Task Force was recently awarded $7000 from the city to purchase 100 folding shopping carts for neighbors who visit pantries like ours. Many of them walk or take a bus but have difficulty taking the groceries home.

Having a cart means a person won't have to limit the amount of food that can be carried. That means they may not have to purchase certain food items at the corner convenience store (which tend to be costly and less nutritious) to fill in for what they weren’t able to carry home.

The task force will determine which food agencies will participate in this project, and each agency will choose the recipients of the carts based on who would most benefit from one and be responsible for its care. The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank has been leading this effort.

Meanwhile, the Community Taskforce received funding for the successful "Getting Ahead" class and additional services for its graduates. The class is conducted at Park View in partnership with the city, for those seeking to become economically stable.

We are also partnering with the Workforce team to help "Getting Ahead" graduates build their employability skills. This task force has created a followup class called "Career Essentials," which will build soft skills like teamwork, work ethics, and professionalism, with the goal of providing guaranteed employment to all participants who complete the requirements. Classes meet three days a week for six weeks.

The taskforce also held an Open House at Life Skills Institute February 11 to introduce all of the available classes. We are excited about the possibilities for these classes, and each of the partnerships we have, all in an effort to raise Lynchburg's median income and reduce poverty. When that happens, everyone wins.