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Park View Community Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an equal opportunity food provider.


"Park View has been such a blessing to me. I thank God for the staff. May God bless them."

"I have further learned the meaning of 'Letting go and Letting God lead my life'"

"PAST: Prison


FUTURE: Promising"

about lives that are changed - We call them
"Miracles on Memorial"

What people are saying about the Life Skills Institute

"This class taught me a lot about ways of better saving money, making the best use of my time, and also taught me to better care for myself. Thank you for supporting this class."

"I have learned a lot from this class about cleaning products and washing clothes that I had never learned. And it has also helped me with being in a group setting."

"My goal is not to be scared to learn more, and get out of the fear of doing things."

A Testimonial from one of our volunteers

I recently retired, and found that volunteering has given me a new purpose. Throughout my working career I tried to give a tithe and offerings to my church, but it was more out of a sense of "ought to" than "want to." We had children to raise and bills to pay, and giving was important, but not really fun.


Then came the time when the house was paid for, the children flew the nest, and retirement brought a steady income. It seems giving has become not only easier, but an adventure! (It especially makes me smile to know what my dollars are doing at Park View.)

So when I read your Christmas email about the joy of giving, it meant a lot because of a magazine ad I had saved from the previous Christmas. This department store had a catchy advertising slogan, “Give joy, get joy.” It may be the best four-word sermon ever preached, and even more so because it came from a for-profit business! When I give, purely for the sake of giving to others, the satisfaction that comes back to me is indescribable.


So now when I volunteer here, I think of that slogan. Whatever job it is I'm doing, I think about someone's life being made a little more joyful, and it makes me smile. Thank you, Park View, for the chance I have to change lives this year by being a part of what you do. Keep spreading joy!

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