Unless otherwise noted, all classes meet at LSI, located on the Lower Level of the Plaza, next to Food for Thought. Certain information may be subject to change. Everyone is welcome!

Our address is 2323 Memorial Avenue Lynchburg, VA 24501, suite 26. 

Please Note: Some of our grant-funded classes require income verification. Speak to Susan at LSI for more information.

To learn more about any class, please email Susan at LSI@parkviewmission.org or call 434-845-8468, ext. 800."


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To reduce the poverty level we must raise the employability level.


We offer a variety of free classes, described below, to help people develop practical skills for living, including how to get and keep a job, use a computer, eat smarter, and keep a healthy home environment.

These classes are made possible by partnerships with the City of Lynchburg,​ Adult Career Education, Virginia Career Works, First National Bank, and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

"Education and quality of life are directly related. Lacking a good education means lacking, among other things, access to the very doorway that leads to a wholesome lifestyle."  -John Perkins

Next class starts soon

Our next Getting Ahead class will be held online from September 13th until November 3rd from 10 am to 12 pm (noon). Graduates of Getting ahead will receive between $350 to $400 upon completion of the course! Fill out the interest form above if you would like to be a part of the next Getting Ahead class!

Fill out the interest form if you would like to be a part of the next class!


Funded by and presented in partnership with the City of Lynchburg.


Home Essentials

Home Essentials is a series of eight classes that focus on the importance of home care, laundry procedures, cooking techniques, first aid in the home, handling money, and the world of work. Guest speakers are featured along with hands-on training. Childcare and transportation are available.

This is a foundational course in a series of basic skills classes. 

Fill out the interest form if you would like to be a part of the next class!

Career Essentials

The next available start date will be September 13th. 

This course teaches those "soft" skills everyone needs to become employable and to excel in, no matter what the job... qualities like having a good work ethic, integrity, professional behavior, and being a team player.

Fill out the interest form if you would like to be a part of the next class!


Go Beyond Education Program 

The Go Beyond Education Program is comprised of six available courses: Computer Skills, Interviewing Skills, Personal Finance, Time Management, Reading/Critical Thinking Skills, and Basic Math Skills. Learning comes from provided materials and the discussions that happen in the group. Students will become problem solvers in their own life.

Funded by and presented in partnership with First National Bank

Family Nutrition Program

The goal of the Family Nutrition Program is to help individuals discover how to make healthier food choices and become better managers of available food resources for optimal health. The four weekly sessions cover basic nutrition, physical activity, and thrifty food shopping. 

Presented in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a monthly class that is designed to help teach you how to take control of your home finances. If you have a hard time with finding a budget that works for your family, have loans and credit card debt that you feel like you can't dig your way out of, or just want help with understanding your finances, this is the class for you! You will be taught by an instructor who has years of expertise working in banking, and who has a passion for helping our neighbors get back on their feet and excel. 


Held the first Tuesday of every month from 6 pm-8 pm. Must sign up ahead of time. 


Presented in partnership with First National Bank. 

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a weekly class that exists to help our neighbors improve their computer skills. This class is great for neighbors who did not grow up with computers and need help with basic computer skills, as well as for neighbors who need to improve their computer skills for job readiness purposes. The professor will cover subjects from Microsoft Word and Excel, to tools that you can use to improve your typing speed. He works with each student to get you towards your personal computer goals. 

Held every Monday from 9-11:30 am. Sign up and show up!