Hands joining together get the job done. As this mural on a Lynchburg building depicts, we need all kinds of people! Do you work better alone, arranging cans on a shelf or putting clothes on a hanger? Maybe you prefer to guide people as they choose their groceries, or serve alongside others on an assembly line operation, packing bags for school kids.


We need van drivers, produce pickers, pastry baggers, pizza pick-uppers, clothing sorters, shelf-stockers, knowledgeable mentors, bag lifters, multi-taskers, and ordinary folks with a giving spirit who just want to help!

To volunteer, use the blue link below to view our various programs and volunteer opportunities. If you already know the program where you want to volunteer, click on that button or contact us by phone or email before arriving. If you are in a group of five or more people, call or email us before signing up online. If you're interested in having your church or group help Park View Cafe by preparing a Wednesday night meal, please email us!

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Interested in using your gifts and abilities in a unique or special way? Email us and let's connect! 

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