The UP Foundation is an Alternative Peer Group Program that offers young people the opportunity to maximize their unlimited potential by avoiding, abstaining and recovering from substance use disorders. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that believes that the therapeutic value of one person in recovery helping another is without parallel.  We strive to assure that any young person seeking recovery can get the genuine caring, support and guidance that they need through the services that we offer. Our intensive recovery support services allow young people struggling with substance use to get the help that they need while continuing to live at home. Parents are educated and empowered with effective tools and strategies to provide support for their child and the family as well.

At The UP Foundation, we work very closely with youth and families, the school and juvenile court system, FAPT teams and other community agencies to provide therapeutic treatment and solutions to young people and their families in their fight against the disease of addiction. In addition to our well-trained staff, we provide a proven peer to peer support environment and alternative peer culture for youth that encourages them to strive toward their unlimited potential by living substance free lives.

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Phone: (434)-381-0258 or (434) 845-8468 ext.4

Located on the 2nd floor of Park View Community Mission.

Office Hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm

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